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HK needs urgent review of telecom policy


HKT has published a new paper to urge the Government to make radical changes to its spectrum policies and management in order to avoid disastrous consequences for Hong Kong and its Smart City aspirations. While making Hong Kong a Smart City is stated as a government policy objective, a city without 5G mobile infrastructure will not be a Smart City.


Please visit www.hkt.com to read the paper and join the discussion of this important issue which will impact Hong Kong’s ability to become a Smart City.

Mr. Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT (front row, center), Mr. Ringo Ng, Managing Director of HKT's Consumer Group (front row, 2nd from left), with the judges and awardees at the presentation ceremony on May 17.

HKT Smart Living Awards 2018


Smart Living舉辦第二屆「HKT Smart Living Awards」獎項,表揚將智能生活科技融入家居設計的優秀項目。今年我們新增學生組別,邀請大專及中學生參與,為業界帶來創新、富想像力及專業的新思維。


Smart Living has organized its second “HKT Smart Living Awards” to recognize excellent local interior designs that have incorporated smart living concepts. This year, a new category was set up for secondary and tertiary students to encourage a new breed of creativity, imagination and technology know-how for the industry.




港電訊旗下會員獎賞計劃The Club向會員送出1,000,000張Now E足球盛事手機版一日通行證,讓他們可透過Now E應用程式觀看世界盃賽事。


此外,The Club推出「WeChat Go Club SIM樂遊卡」,讓內地旅客在遊港期間可方便享用流動通訊服務,包括免香港本地流動數據使用微信。



2018 World Cup fever


The Club, HKT’s loyalty and rewards program, gives away 1,000,000 Now E Mega Football Mobile One-day Event Passes to members to watch World Cup matches via the Now E app.


Besides, The Club has launched WeChat Go Club SIM for travelers from mainland China to enjoy convenient mobile services during their visit in Hong Kong, including free local mobile data for WeChat.




此外,30位來自扶貧委員會「友•導向」計劃的中學生及教師早前參觀位於佐敦的機樓(下圖)及io.t by HKT概念店。


Community activities


On June 9, more than 250 volunteers and their relatives and friends visited 400 elderly residents at Wong Tai Sin and gave them gifts including rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.


Earlier, 30 secondary school students and teachers from the Commission on Poverty’s Life Buddies program visited our Jordan Exchange (photo below) and the io.t by HKT concept store.



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